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My name is Duarte and I’m a business efficiency expert trained in Lean Six Sigma. The Mindware Agenda journey started around 27 years ago. I was just starting my career as a supervisor and constantly worried others were going to surpass me – maybe they had a better education or more experience than me. Having just got married, I knew I needed a competitive edge to keep my job and progress into higher management. Both eventually came true, but the journey to Mindware™ wasn’t a straight line.

In the beginning, I tried many planners and they just couldn’t do what I needed in my hectic career. However, I was lucky enough to work for a former military police sergeant. Who was incredibly organized and had an effective system of chronicling tasks and results. Inspired by his system, I started to improve on it by including appointments, tasks, projects and more. I noticed that by using this system, I could accomplish three times as much as my colleagues with significantly less stress and it wasn’t long before I was being noticed for promotions.

Being an efficiency expert and certified in Lean Six Sigma helped me continuously improve the system over the last 25 years as I believe there is always room for improvement.

Years later, after teaching friends and family this innovative system, I taught it to my wife, partner and co-founder of Registreeco and the Mindware™ system, Lucy. Lucy has always been an organized person, so when I offered to teach her my system, I received an eye roll and a reluctant ‘sure dear’. From her perspective, there was nothing new I could teach her. But I would soon change her mind.

The Saturday morning came with somewhat begrudging compliance as we left our home and met one of our cousins who I was also going to teach the system to. The first hour went and there was some interest in the topics of time management but nothing earth-shattering. Who knows what they were really thinking; I always assumed being family meant they were going to be kind and maybe hold back on their criticism.

Then it came – as I was explaining the Mindware™ system I clearly caught their attention when I said, ‘Imagine being able to track any task, project or detail of an ongoing activity easily and worry-free.’

I explained that just placing details in a planner isn’t good enough if you can’t find them when you need them. I explained it further with this example: Imagine if you had a blank lined planner and you placed a dozen dots on its pages randomly. After a month, could you find those dots in your book without going page by page? Imagine if there were hundreds of these dots randomly all over your book. Could you find them easily?

Let’s say you wanted to know which meetings your boss attended with you regardless of the topic or whether it was just with you or with others as well. Could you do it based on your current note-keeping system? That is when I caught their attention; it was noticeable, and I knew I had them hooked.

Right after the course, Lucy mentioned she was going to use the system from then on. To be honest, I didn’t know whether she was just being nice to me or really believed in the Mindware™ system. I did know that time would tell. Both Lucy and our cousin left excited that day, and I was pleased about that. I had nothing to gain but really hoped they would use the system that had worked for me for so many years. I wanted both to achieve better success in their careers with less worry and stress.

Lucy’s Life Changed Forever

Fast forward one year later, Lucy was using the system and came home to tell me how the Mindware system ‘saved her’ in a situation at work. Then she began telling me how her boss was becoming dependent on her for ensuring that key objectives were on track. With this, she began to not only show greater competency in her job as nothing was ever falling through the cracks, but she also became the most trusted individual to her boss with greater credibility than her counterparts.

For me, this story was not a surprise – that always happened to anyone that used the Mindware™ system. Soon afterward, I remember Lucy saying to me, “Duarte this system has saved my life, not only can I do more than my colleagues, but I don’t have the same stress that they do.” From that point onwards, she was and still is the biggest promoter of the Mindware™ system.

The Mindware™ System Being Offered to Everyone

In 2018, after using the system for many years Lucy said to me, “Everyone would benefit from this system, can I teach it? I really believe it can change people’s lives.”

My response was not what you might think. I was reluctant because it was hard to believe people would be interested. Convincing them it is an amazing system was probably going to be difficult. “After all,” I said, “look at you when I first asked you to learn the Mindware system, did you not roll your eyes at me?”

But she was adamant and answered, “I want to change people’s lives for the better” She continued, “let’s offer them a full refund if they don’t see results with the system.”

Well, here we are. With our system, you can create a better life with less worry and stress, regardless of how busy you are.

Please keep coming back to visit – we’ll keep you updated as we continue this amazing journey.

Duarte & Lucy

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