The Mindware agenda planner with five types of its insert pages. Included are the calendar page, the daily items listing page, the note page, the tracking sheet and the frequent activities and habit tracking page.
Infographic describing the different types of planners and the considerations required to choose the right one for you.

Did you Know that there are two types of ‘To Do’ lists?

Everyone knows about your regular ‘to do’ list, which always includes a list of items that you want to complete. We use it in order to not forget what we are trying to accomplish. This type of list is best organized as Monthly, weekly and daily lists or categories. Once listed then cross them off your list as you complete them. The ‘to do’ list is a great tool to ensure that you maintain your path towards your goals, be it professional, personal, or both. The Mindware Agenda Planner has an amazing ‘action list’ system that can assist the busiest of lifestyles.

We can all agree that ‘to do’ lists are important and if executed correctly can certainly have a positive impact on our life. But, there is a little-known companion that arguably can do just as much if not more to our lives.

Why do so few know about the ‘Not To Do List’?

All of us do things that can and sometimes negatively impact our lives. These activities are usually frequent and repetitive in nature. Many if not most of us will default to the easiest things to do instead of the right things that we know we should. This is normal, and all human beings do it to some degree or another, and indeed we all need down time and rest. However, such activities can inhibit those of us who are driven to do better in our lives. Enter your ‘Not To Do list’.

Write a List of Activities that you want Reduced, Eliminated or Increased!

Top ten activities to place on your ‘Not To Do List’ are:

1. Smoking cessation
2. Too much television time
3. Too much shopping (spending money)
4. Too much video gaming time
5. Too much time on social media
6. Too much time surfing the internet
7. Consuming too much fast food
8. Too little physical activity
9. Too little time in organizing and cleaning your home or office
10. Spending too much time with people that may not have your best interests are heart

The list is longer for most of us and with a little time you can come up with your own personal list. This list is important because if you reduce your time in identified wasteful activities, you will have more time for positive impacting tasks, which over a small period of time can change your life for the better.

The Habit Tracker

The Mindware Agenda Planner habit tracker pages can be the best ‘Not To Do List’ as it was made to track frequent activities such as those identified in your list. Twenty rows per sheet means that you can have a long list of activities that you want to reduce as well as other that you want to increase. Simply place your item number in the category column, a one- or two-word title (or acronym) in the detail’s column and a legend of symbols, letters, and shapes in the last column. Once you have done that, your set to go. Use numbers as usual and start tracking your progress. There are 31 columns, one for each day of the month and obviously use 28 or 29 columns for the month of February.

A Better Life is as Easy as 1-2-3

Let’s use a simple example to illustrate how you would use it. You may want to learn about a topic that is of tremendous interest to you. First, set-up a goal of reading 30 minutes on the topic every day. Second, place the item ‘read X’, on the detail’s column of your habit tracker. Place an item number in the category column and start using it. Lastly, place a ‘y’ or an ‘X’ on the days you have completed the task successfully. The power of seeing your goal being realized as you want, makes it a habit as you will not want to break the successful chain of events. Psychologists are now realizing and acknowledging this powerful tool that is hardwired in our minds. This little-known insight can catapult those of us who want better in our lives to embrace it and use it to live our best lives.

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