Time Management Skills You Need

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Time Management Skills; 6 Skills you Need

Do you struggle to manage your time effectively? With so many things to accomplish and a to-do list that never ends, it can be tough to manage our time well without feeling stressed and overwhelmed. By learning effective time management skills, you can easily boost productivity and achieve your goals. These are vital skills that every professional and creative need to hone to maximise success. In this guide, we’ll look at the top time management skills and how they can help you achieve more with your time.

What Are Time Management Skills?

Time management skills are techniques and strategies that help you manage your time to maximise productivity. It’s a process of dividing your time between activities so you get the most important tasks completed. These skills will ultimately help you to work smarter, not harder.

Let’s take a look at some of the core time management skills and why they’re important for success.

1.   Organization

Do you spend countless hours searching through stacks of papers or notebooks trying to find an important document or piece of information? Or perhaps you have dozens, if not hundreds, of emails that need to be organized. If so, your organization skills need honing.

Being organized is the most important skill in your time management toolkit. Getting organized and maintaining your organization will help you see what needs to be done and when. Without an organized schedule, you’ll miss appointments, fall short of goals and miss important deadlines.

2.   Planning

Do you have a strategic plan for each work week, or do you simply grind out each day without a clear direction? If it’s the latter, your planning skills need more focus.

A fundamental time management skill is the ability to plan. Each day needs to be planned out efficiently to make the most of each hour. The most successful people understand the benefit of planning out their day and scheduling in breaks to remain as productive as possible.

As well as this, the right plan must be flexible to meet upcoming and unplanned emergencies while keeping you on track to ensure that your goals are achieved.

3.   Prioritization

Do you usually get caught up in what’s known as ‘busy work’? This is unimportant work that isn’t helping you achieve your overall goals. This might mean you lack prioritization skills.

Prioritization is a major skill that many working professionals lack. Prioritization means putting the most important tasks first at the expense of everything else. For example, how much time do you spend replying to emails, checking Facebook, or talking with colleagues? Although these may seem like minor activities throughout the day, they waste precious hours and may be done at the cost of more important activities. Meaningyou are failing to prioritize your most important tasks.

4.   Communication

Although communication may not seem like a time management skill, it’s important nonetheless. Do you find it difficult to make your voice heard by colleagues and management? Do you struggle to articulate what you need or ask for help from team members?

When you hone your communication skills, you can delegate effectively and keep your team on track. When you fail to communicate clearly, you’ll find yourself spending countless hours chasing up team members and going over things again and again. All of which will leave you frustrated and behind on important work.

5.   Goal Setting

Have you spent some time thinking about your ultimate goals? Do you want to climb the corporate ladder? Start your own business? Perhaps ask for a raise next year?

Setting goals is an important time management skill. Without goals, it’s easy to waste time on unimportant tasks that make you feel productive but don’t get you anywhere. Having goals in place that you can work towards will keep you on track and using your time wisely.

6.   Stress management

If you constantly feel stressed at work you’re not alone. A recent survey showed that Americans are the most stressed people in the world.

Stress is an epidemic in the workplace. Increasing workloads, high targets, and growing demand mean individuals are more stressed in their places of work than ever before. When practising time management skills, it’s vital to be considerate of your mental health. Although time management skills will allow you to make the most out of each day, it’s important to give yourself time to relax and recharge to maximise success without suffering from burn out.

Why Are Time Management Skills Important?

Ever wished for more hours in your day? Have you ever found yourself riddled with stress because of your never-ending to-do list? If this is the case, you lack time management skills.

Time management skills are vitally important to success. They allow you to structure your workday effectively and achieve your goals stress-free. They boost your productivity and output without the need for long nights trying to catch up.

Most importantly, they give you a healthy work-life balance. Meaning you can make the most out of your time with your loved ones without stressing about looming deadlines or upcoming meetings.

Outside of work, time management skills help you achieve goals, no matter what they may be. Perhaps you want to run a marathon or become more involved with your child’s school. Effective time management allows you to focus on personal goals and make the most of your free time.

Once you’ve mastered your time management skills, you’ll be more present and focused in everything you do. You can stop worrying about whether you’ve missed an important meeting or deadline because your time will be managed well.

This gives you the relaxation and breathing space to let your creativity shine. You’ll be able to focus on new, innovative ideas because you are no longer bogged down in the day-to-day grind of work and business.

Easy Steps to Improve Your Time Management Skills

If you’re ready to make the most out of each day and improve your time management skills, here are some easy steps to get started.

Set Goals

The first step to improving your time management skills is setting short and long-term goals. What do you want to achieve? In what timeframe? Why is this important to you?

By mapping out your goals, you’ll immediately have the motivation to make the most out of each day. Perhaps you’re aiming for a promotion next year or want to grow your business. Whatever your goals, write them down and be as specific as possible.

When setting long-term goals, it’s also important to break them down into smaller, more achievable sub-goals. This makes larger goals less daunting and more approachable. Having goals written down on paper makes them more tangible and working towards them more fulfilling.

Manage Your Schedule

Is your schedule always over-booked and a mess? Are you always missing appointments or forgetting about meetings? An important time management skill for you to develop is scheduling.

By scheduling each day and week effectively, you’ll instantly be able to better manage your time and achieve more.

The Mindware Planner comes with a daily schedule that’s broken down into 30-minute intervals. This way, you can schedule your entire day much more effectively.

Begin by scheduling in non-negotiables such as business meetings, appointments, dates you need to remember, etc.

Next, schedule in your most important tasks such as projects at work, exercise, family time, etc.

This way, you’ll see how much time you have available in your calendar and how much time you are currently wasting each day.

When you begin, make sure you don’t over-schedule your day and give yourself too much to do. This is an easy way to feel stressed and burned out. Instead, make sure to schedule in breaks throughout the day as well as time to relax and unwind when needed.


When you’re getting started honing your time management skills, prioritization can be one of the most difficult to achieve. We tend to let important tasks and projects slip through the cracks because they seem daunting to begin. Instead, we keep ourselves busy with unimportant work that makes us feel productive but wastes precious time in our day.

Breakdown large, intimidating projects or tasks into smaller bite-sized tasks that you can start doing and build momentum. Before you know it, it’s done, and you’ve achieved something great.

A simple way to begin prioritizing tasks is to create a to-do list. Begin by listing everything you need to get done including meetings, events, appointments, projects, etc.

Once you have everything you can think of listed on paper, begin a new list but this time put everything in order of importance. What needs to be done right away? What could wait until next week? Begin to prioritize your list so you can easily schedule in the most important tasks first.

The Must-Have Tool to Improve Time Management Skills

Honing your time management skills will boost your productivity, strengthen your focus, and help you achieve your long-term goals.

To make the process much easier and more streamlined, a well-designed planner is a must-have tool in your arsenal. The Mindware Planner is designed for professionals and business owners who want to boost productivity, maximise success, and hone their time management skills. The uniquely designed pages will help you manage your schedule, prioritize your to-do list, and much more.

The Mindware Agenda Planner comes with a 6-module time management course that will show you how to use your planner effectively and implement our unique time management system with ease.

What’s more, you’ll also get 6 months dedicated email support to answer any questions or queries as well as access to virtual group Q&A sessions for in-depth support and guidance.

Head to the homepage to learn more abouthow the Mindware Planner will revolutionise your time management skills today.

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