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Mindware Time Management System

The Mindware agenda planner with five types of its insert pages. Included are the calendar page, the daily items listing page, the note page, the tracking sheet and the frequent activities and habit tracking page.
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When it comes to success, time management is crucial. Without an effective time management system, goals are left unmet, deadlines are missed, and new opportunities pass by. However, with a strategic system in place, success is within reach. The Mindware Time Management System is a unique tool that will help you boost productivity, drastically increase your output, and maximise success without the added stress or overwhelm.

This innovative time management system is a must-have for working professionals, business owners, and creatives looking to get ahead and make their mark in their industry.

Benefits of Better Time Management

You might be wondering why you should spend time learning how to manage my time.

The answer is simple –good time management means you’ll get more done in less time and with significantly less stress.

Good time management means you will be able to boost your productivity and get more done at work. You’ll begin hitting your deadlines with ease, preparing for presentations well in advance, and become the person management start to notice for promotions and new opportunities.

You’ll feel less stress, frustration, and overwhelm because you have a system that organizes your workload, maximises your time, and keeps your entire team on track.

Taking some time to learn an effective time management system is a must for any working professional, business owner, or creative that wants to reach the next level in their career.

Time Management Courses on the Market

When it comes to time management courses, there are several available on the market. The top contenders are:

  • Dale Carnegie’s time management course -$129
  • Franklin Covey’s time management course – $179
  • The Mindware Time Management System– Is included with the purchase of the Mindware agenda planner

Both the Carnegie and Covey courses have merit and are reputable time management courses. However, they don’t offer an integrated time management systemas Mindware does.

When you buy the Mindware Planner, you get instant access to our signature time management e-course. This course will help you make the most out of your planner as well as give you all the tools you need to drastically improve your time management skills. This integrated system is far superior to any single courses available and will maximise your time management success.

Other courses on the market can cost up to $1,999 for unnecessary in-person events. However, these can be difficult to travel to and it is extremely difficult to learn everything you need in the space of a single day or two.

When you purchase the Mindware Planner, you get instant lifetime access to our e-course. This means you can begin learning and implementing right away and come back to the material time and time again. That’s a huge saving and a unique bonus you will struggle to find elsewhere.

Let’s take a look at what the Mindware Time Management System has to offer.

The Mindware Time Management System

The first thing you get when you buy the time management system is the Mindware Planner.

This planner is designed for professionals who want to boost their productivity, maximise their output, and become recognized in their industry.

The planner comes with 6 unique sections, each designed to help you manage your time and organize your entire life. What’s more, the sleek cover looks fantastic and is the perfect companion to take to meetings, events, and more.

When you buy the Mindware Planner, you get access to our signature time management e-course for free. The planner along with our signature course make up the Mindware Time Management System that will help you:

  • Boost productivity
  • Get more done with less stress
  • Consistently meet and surpass goals
  • Form new, lasting habits

In this innovative Time Management course, you’ll receive access to 6 innovative, self-paced modules that will give you all the tools you need to drastically improve your time management skills. Below are some of the key topics included.

Understanding the Relationship Between Time and Stress

Time and stress go hand in hand. We constantly wish we had more time and we are constantly under immense stress to achieve more. But with effective time management strategies, you can get more done than ever before while significantly reducing stress levels. This module will show you how to separate your valuable time from stress and get more done with confidence.

How to Effectively Prioritize Your Tasks and Time

Good time management centres on prioritization. By prioritizing tasks by importance, you’ll spend more time on things that matter most while letting unimportant tasks fall away. This module will show you an easy system for prioritizing your tasks by both time and importance so you can focus on what matters most each day. This will allow you to create an effective schedule each week that focuses on your most important tasks and outcomes.

How to Integrate Your Physical and Electronic Files into One System

Whether you work for a large corporation or a run a start-up with a small team, files need to be organized effectively. Disorganized files are a massive drain on time each day, especially when you work with both digital and physical files. It can be extremely difficult and time-consuming trying to match up paper copies with digital files.

The time management e-course will show you an easy and effective method for organizing and integrating physical and digital files to save your business time and money.

Easy Note Search Finding Features to Save Time and Stress

How many times have you scribbled down an important note in a notepad, only to lose it later that day? You spend forever searching through stacks of paper and notepads to find it, wasting precious time in the process. Our time management system will give you an easy note search finding feature to allow you to find notes quickly and effortlessly. Never again will you lose an important piece of information.

A Tool to Ensure You Have Clarity and Focus

When it comes to managing your time, are you unclear about where your time and focus should go? Perhaps you lack clarity about your goals and struggle to prioritize tasks effectively. Our time management system includes a simple tool to help you gain clarity and focus. You’ll learn how to figure out what is most important and how to keep your focus on tasks that align with your big-picture goals, whatever they may be.

How to Continually Improve Your Productivity by Using a Self-Assessment Tool

Time management is an ongoing process that requires dedication and practice. There is always room for improvement and always more to be done to boost productivity. Using the self-assessment tool included in the time management e-course, you can continually assess your productivity levels and improve upon them.

This simple self-assessment tool can be used periodically to find any areas that need your attention and improvement. By continually coming back and using this tool, you can continue to improve your productivity into the future, keeping you well ahead of the game.

How to Structure a Unique Personalized System That Works for You

Every person and business are different. And so, each needs a customized system that works for them and integrates with systems they already use. This e-course shows how todesign your own customizable system specifically for you. This way, you can structure the system to integrate into your life and business and make it work for you. Included is a how-to guide to help you customize what you learn and create a unique personalized system.

Effective Meeting Participation and the Relationship to Time and Task Management

Unproductive meetings waste more than $37 billion each year in the US alone. Professionals spend up to 4 hours each week preparing for meetings, yet executives view more than 67% of meetings as failures.

To help you increase meeting participation and get the most out of each meeting, the time management system e-course includes a module on effective meeting practices. In this module, you’ll learn the most effective meeting structure, how to prepare for meetings productively, and more. This unique module will save countless hours of wasted meetings and boost the overall productivity of the entire team.

Bonus Q&A Sessions

Along with the time management system e-course, we also host live Q&A sessions to answer any questions you may have. These sessions help you take full advantage of both the Mindware Planner and e-course and help you customize the system to work for you.

Get the Mindware Time Management System

If you’re ready to dramatically boost productivity, get more done each day, and consistently surpass your goals, the Mindware time management system is the perfect tool for you.

To get your hands on the time management e-course, buy the Mindware Agenda Planner today. Once you’ve purchased the planner, you’ll get access to the time management e-course as well as six months of planner system support via email to guide you.

Head to our homepageto learn more about the Mindware Planner and how this innovative system will help you maximise your success or purchase the Mindware Agenda Planner now.

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