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Mindware planner agenda with e-course
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Mindware insert acessory package
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One year of Mindware planner insert pages
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This time and task management tool is packed with features that help you to be effective and efficient. When you purchase your Mindware agenda planner you will immediately receive login credentials via e-mail to enter the e-course materials. When you log in, you’ll see the following:

• An e-book on the Mindware system

• The e-course that will allow you to move through at your own pace and enable you to fully understand the Mindware system

• A feedback survey: we are constantly looking for improvements on what we could do better.

• A virtual live Q&A session scheduler that enables you to sign-up on the available dates. All sessions are one hour in length and are group sessions. Just pick one that fits your schedule and you can sign-up for up to five sessions. This is a great way to ensure your questions are answered as well as learn from others.

• A personal profile to complete and a messaging window for any immediate concerns or questions that are outside of the Q&A sessions.

The above portal will be available to you for six months from the time you purchase your Mindware agenda.

Your Mindware planner will be packaged and shipped within 24 hours of your purchase or immediately after a statutory holiday. You should receive your Mindware planner within 10 days, at which point most members will have gone through the members portal content and are ready to use the Mindware system.

Your Mindware agenda planner will be shipped with:

• One year of daily commitment and note pages regardless of when you order it in the year.

• 36 Item listing pages

• 12 Monthly calendar pages minimum

• One notepad of blank note pages (48 pages)

• 6 Future meetings and commitment pages

• 12 Frequent Activity and Habit Tracking sheets

• 12 Category/Keyword Tracking pages

• One plastic pouch with zip-lock feature

• One PVC back page to ensure you are always writing on a smooth surface

• One removal ruler that is removal and insertable without opening the binder

• All pages are A5 (5.5’ by 8.5’) in size and the agenda planner is 8.5’ by 12’. It has an outside pocket and inside pockets (including a zippered pocket). The inside cover also has several business card pockets and a pen/pencil holder. The back inside cover also has a pen/pencil holder and a slit at the top to insert and hold notepads. It is a pu vegan leather six-ring binder with a zipper to protect the contents within should it be dropped accidentally.

Below is a description of the Insert Accessory package which is sold separately.

insert accessory package details

Each page of the Mindware planner was designed to help you reach a higher productivity level.
Picture of an Item Listing Page belonging to the Mindware Agenda Planner


The item listing page consists of eight columns for each row with a title description space. It has 30 lines on each page.

Picture of a commitments page belonging to the Mindware Agenda Planner


The commitments page consists of three sections. A calendar showing the ‘current month’ as well as the previous and proceeding month for easy referencing. This page also has a section for the tasks that are scheduled to progress or complete on that day with a column for the item # and one for status. Lastly, the page also has a time scheduler for appointments listed from 7am to midnight. This page is always situated on the left side with its adjacent note page on the right.

Picture of a Note Page belonging to the Mindware Agenda Planner


The note page consists of lines and a column on the left side for item number.

Picture of a Category And Keyword Tracking Page belonging to the Mindware Agenda Planner


This page consists of 8 columns and is used to easily locate previous notes recorded at various times.

Picture of a Future Meetings page belonging to the Mindware Agenda Planner


This page consists of four columns and a description space on each row.

Picture of a Frequent Activities & Habit Tracking Page belonging to the Mindware Agenda Planner


This page consists of a 31-day scheduler in columns. It also has two description spaces prior to the day columns as well as a space after the columns.




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