The Mindware agenda planner with five types of its insert pages. Included are the calendar page, the daily items listing page, the note page, the tracking sheet and the frequent activities and habit tracking page.
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Do you dream big? Everyone does! But few succeed in getting things done the way they want. Significant shifts and goals require thoughtful reflection about what you want and what is standing in your way. But there is just too much to think about, right? No need to freak out!  All you need is to plan it out.

Without proper planning, it’s almost impossible to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. But planning can be a dull process that so many people fail to make time to do. Utilizing a planner will make the tedious task of planning fun.Start the day, the week, month, year, even the rest of life with the clarity and purpose only possible with a planner.

Ready? Set? Plan!

Why is planning so critical to success?

Planning can significantly reduce your stress level. With proper planning, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you have devised a feasible plan of action for attaining your goals. It also helps you to be prepared for obstacles.

Disorganized, chaotic, and hectic life? Get a planner

Are you tired of missing deadlines? Are you unable to manage things on your own? Is it impossible for you to figure out your budget and finances? Is a healthy balance missing in your life?

Surely, all these questions are stressing you out more! But Don’t worry! Get a planner. Planners are magical tools that make these overwhelming questions easy to conquer.

Get yours now

Planning your life and putting plans into action become more manageable with the right tools.

Our vertical planners are here to make your planning more fun!

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The Mindware Vertical planner is the perfect tool to combine your weekly planning with long-term goals.

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Supercharge your life with the Mindware Vertical Planner

The Mindware vertical planner is specifically designed to enable you to use your time more efficiently and increase your daily productivity. It’s item listing page, category andkeyword tracking page, regular commitments page, notes page, frequent activity, habit tracking and future meetings page, are all designed to make the process of planning easy for you. It enables you to stay on track by regularly jotting down all the essential details of your day.

What’s more, the dimensions of the plannermeans it has some extra roomto add yourimportant documents, notes, and cards. Its design is unique, stylish, and elegant. Perfect to carry wherever you go.

Why the mindware vertical planner in this digital age?

The Mindware vertical planner helps you recognize your goals and objectives and work towards them consistently.

Have you ever needed your “digital planner” and found that your phone battery was dead? Or maybe you ran out of mobile data and couldn’t access it at that moment? Or you might be in a place with no access to the Internet at all. Yes, all of it can happen. What do you do in that situation? As much as we are used to depending on digital products, there are times and places when they just don’t work.

In those times, the Mindware Vertical planner comes to your rescue!

It’s easy to carry – the perfect partner wherever you go.

The Mindware Vertical planner is for you if:

  • You struggle to manage your time
  • You’re always, anxious,over-scheduled, and overwhelmed because you were never taught time management, priority setting, or the right mindset for working in a planned way,not at the eleventh hour.
  • You get distracted easily
  • You always find yourself easily distracted by social media, TV shows, email, web browsing, and a thousand other things, even though deep down inside, you know you should be working on your dreams and making progress. But you simply cannot stay focused, no matter how much you want to be.
  • You’re always wishingyou had some more time
  • After wasting the whole day in superficial busyness, you find yourself stressed and frustrated by your lack of progress. You end up wishing your day was a little longer.
  • You are unable to stop procrastinating
  • You find yourself procrastinating and can’t help it even when you know you have so many important things to do.You cannot afford to delay them, but you still do.
  • Your life is disoriented and lacks a direction
  • You’re stressed because you don’t have a clear path or plan on what you should be doing with your time. Lack of clarity and guidance is always bothering you.
  • All you want is to unleash your potential productivity
  • You’re trying your best but always find yourself struggling with productivity and getting things done. You know there must be a better way but regular planners never work for you.

The Mindware Vertical planner is the solution to all of your problems. It will help you increase your productivity, give you a direction, keep you on track, and motivate you everyday to do better than yesterday.

Eleven Mindware vertical planner benefits?

  • Helps you declutter tasks
  • Let’s say you have been given a large responsibility. It’s a massive project and can be very overwhelming.Rather than letting the enormity of the task make you panic, you can break it down into smaller tasks. The mindware vertical planner helps you with daily, weekly, and monthly goals pages in it, making decluttering easy for you.
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • You must be thinking, how can a planner give you peace of mind? Easy! Do you ever get worried that you’re going to forget something? Or that you will drop the ball on something important? You can overcome all these worries and fears. When you develop the habit of writing things down in your planner, you take the pressure off yourself.

Having that peace of mind is one of the great benefits of using the Mindware vertical planner.

  • Serves as your brain dump
  • Never underestimate the power of brain dumps. Using a brain dump as a tool for time management can help you shake off the feeling of being burdened. It gets all the jumbled thoughtsout of your brain and onto the paper. It’s so much easier to empty your mind every week. Writing it down on your planner serves as a brain dump.
  • Reduces stress
  • Writing everything down in a planner and clearing your mind allows your brain to be more relaxed. Your anxiety and stress level will be reduced and you will feel calmer.
  • Help boost healthy eating
  • You can start eating healthy and avoid fast food by planning out your meals. It saves your wallet and you won’t have to plan dinner at the last minute each night.
  • Improves memory
  • Creating lists frees up your brain to focus and remember other essential things. This improves the efficiency of the brain.
  • Gets you prepared
  • By planning out your week and knowing what your timetable looks like at a glance, you know whether you have time to do something or not. Creating lists in the planner allows you to determine what’s needed, so you are ready for projects and tasks that must be completed.
  • Keeps a close check on your achievements
  • You can evaluate your goals with this planner. Crossing something off your list and seeing everything you have completed gives a sense of accomplishment which is great for your health. You become more positive about yourself.
  • Improvestime management skills
  • Knowing what needs to get done allows you to juggle your time better and prioritize what needs to get achieved first and the amount of time you have to get it done. This enhances your time management skills. This planner shows you very clearly what you must do and at what time.When you purchase the Mindware agenda planner, you also get access to a comprehensive time management e-course and support.
  • Reduces productivity issues
  • With the Mindware vertical planner, you’re able to get more tasks completed and become more productive. By checking off your goal list every day and every week, it helps you stay motivatedand keeps you going with high energy.
  • Serves as your roadmap
  • A person without a roadmap is like a ship without a captain.You’ll go through life without any purpose or direction. The firstthing you do when you get your planner is create a one-year roadmap and then break it down into parts. From this, you formulate the action steps to make it happen. Success has never been simpler. This is exactly how all successful people plan.

Want more proof?

If you’re still unsure, here are somemore reasons to consider using a Mindware vertical  planner:

  • • Helps manage time effectively
  • • Keeps track of daily tasks and appointments
  • • Stores essential events to remember
  • • It increasesyour productivity
  • • It organizes your goals
  • • Records special memories and moments
  • • It clears the mind
  • • Gives you a chance to enhance your creativity
  • • You can live a more intentional life
  • • You are more organized and disciplined
  • • You can set priorities with confidence
  • • Allows you to drastically improve your lifestyle

This planner isfor you if you are looking for a simple tool to get more done.So, what are you waiting for?

Happy planning!

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