Picture of a closed Mindware Agenda Planner
Picture of an opened Mindware Agenda Planner
Infographic about why refillable planners are best.


• Refillable planners usually fall into the category of ‘comprehensive’ agendas.
• There are two main reasons why refillable planners are used:
They have a stylish, professional looking cover, such as the one offered by the Mindware™ planner
You have a lot of details to record and track, so they need plenty of space and flexibility.

Benefits of a refillable planner
Comprehensive planners come as ringed binders (usually six or seven rings) with zippered covers for better protection, so the contents are always safe even if you accidentally drop it on a wet surface.

Refillable planners usually last years and only need new page inserts every year. At Mindware™, we offer a two-page per day system. All refillable planners can have three to six months of pages within its covers at one time, depending on whether you are using a two-page per day or a one-page per day system. Regardless of the number of insert pages the planner can handle at once when it’s time to start a new time period, the completed inserts are taken out and the new ones placed in. All you need to do is purchase the next set of insert pages each time.

I personally believe refillable planners are the best because if you need to include one or more note pages on a particular date, they can easily be added. This is incredibly useful if you need to keep notes and details from a meeting or event. Without this feature, you’d have to keep a separate book and record meetings and additional notes in that. For some this is not an issue, but most people like the benefit of having everything in one easy-to-find place. For those that keep a lot of notes for personal reasons or professional meetings, there is no better alternative than the refillable planner.

Another great reason to choose the Mindware™ planner is the fact that no matter when you order your Mindware™ planner, you will receive a minimum of one year of page inserts. If you order your Mindware™ planner in March, for instance, you will receive the January to end of March (1st quarter of the year) inserts, as well as the next four quarters going into the following year. This gives you flexibility as you can order it anytime you wish and start using it immediately, instead of having to waste a portion of your yearly pages because you ordered them late.

With the Mindware™ planner system, it’s never too late to start. Anytime is the right time to order and begin a life of less stress and greater productivity.

  • Picture of a daily commitments page belonging to the Mindware Agenda Planner
  • Picture of a partially opened Mindware Agenda Planner
  • Picture of part of the inside cover belonging to the Mindware Agenda Planner

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