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Why a Planner Makes Sense

Why a Planner Makes Sense

At any given point in time, the brain can remember up to 7 things. Scientists call it the “Magic Number Seven”, referring to the capacity of the brain’s working memory.

But the working memory does not differentiate between a critical task or a random thought. So, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that a brain might forget an important meeting over a song stuck in your head.

By using a planner, you can dedicate your precious brain space to remembering the tasks and information relevant at a particular time. The rest can go into the planner.

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Avoiding Unnecessary Stress

According to renowned German psychologist Bluma Wulfovna Zeigarnik, the brain is programmed to focus on unfinished and unresolved tasks. This is known as the Zeigarnik Effect and it’s powerful. The subconscious mind persistently reminds the conscious mind to do something about the unfinished business. Yet, all it needs is a plan of action in place and it would stop.

The Mindware Planner pages minimize the stress of a busy workday by enabling professionals to create a plan for every task. Allowing them to give 100% to the task at hand.

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An Inspiring Professional

Whether you run a company or work at a senior position, you set the example for your colleagues to follow. Therefore, you cannot afford to forget anything important – be it a team meeting, an appointment with a client, or keeping tabs on the progress of a project.

With planner pages, you can get things done without a worry. The expert design makes sure that you record everything and stay on top of things. You become the rock upon whom everyone can rely.

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Do More with Your Time
What’s Your Plan?

Planning for Success with Mindware

It All Begins with a Single Step

Executing a project successfully is no small feat. There are several tasks involved in every project. And each task is like a moving part of a machine. They must all be in the right place and at the right time. One glitch and the machine comes to a grinding halt.

The lubricant of every well-functioning project is planning.

A smart professional running the machinery will always invest more time and effort in planning the project and its execution. This way, the rest of the parts can automatically run smoothly.

Mindware is a modern planner for the smart professional.

Each element in the planner is designed to help you extract more productivity out of your day.

Your Success Starts Here

Use the Mindware Planner

Meet Your Best Self with Each Planner Page

The Mindware Planner is designed for the ambitious professional. It helps you minimize redundancies and optimize your schedule. The planner pages are expertly created to maximize productivity.

All in a Day
Plan out an entire day from morning to midnight in a single page and keep track of all your tasks. Get the most out of the day, every single day. Get your daily planner.

Monitor Events
Track the progress of various projects, schedule meetings to obtain status updates, and assign tasks to different resources. Monitor every project you’re involved in and ensure its success.

Categorize Better
Don’t waste time flipping through the planner pages. Use the keyword tracking page to find what you’re looking for in seconds.

Keep Notes
Add important notes to each of your task pages. And add more note pages for the days that need them. Add relevant information as it presents itself and be more thorough in your work.

Cultivate a Habit
Whether it’s for holding regular project meetings or acquiring a new good habit, use Mindware as a personal planner to keep yourself on track.

Build Predictability
Introduce predictability to your future by populating the next six months in the planner pages. This ensures that you never miss out anything important.

Mindware Planner Pages Help You Level Up in Life — One Day at a Time.

I Want to Be More Productive

The Mindware Moments

Small Yet Significant Moments that Define Your Career

Be Informed. Always.
Remember the smallest details from important meetings. Use the Mindware planner to keep track of vital points of discussion and points of consensus from the meeting. Demonstrate your attention to detail by staying on top of things, always. That is what differentiates you.

Be a Leader
Bring structure to your work and become the leader people are inspired to follow. Be the resource that the management wants for their most sensitive and critical projects. Mindware planner will make you a master of keeping each project running smoothly and seamlessly.

Be a Success Story
Climb up the corporate ladder with ease. Review what’s relevant right before a crucial meeting and impress everyone with your skills. Leave your colleagues wondering about your superpowers of recalling and reiterating the right things at the right time.

Create Your Own Mindware Moment

Your Questions Answered

Q. How Do I Buy the Mindware Planner and What’s Included?

A. Click here to purchase the Mindware Planner. As you complete the purchase, you will automatically become a member of the Mindware community where you’ll get:

  • The Mindware planner with planner pages inserts for a year
  • E-course to become more organized
  • Free virtual seminar session
  • 6-month email support

Q. How Can You Help Me Plan My Schedule Better?

A. We follow a strategic approach to help you plan better:

There is an e-course accompanying the planner that helps you understand how you should plan and chart out a clear path to your goals.

The planner pages are designed in a user-friendly manner that can be arranged in any way you want. So, it can be customized to your day and work schedule.

You also get virtual seminars to get your doubts cleared along with 6-month email support. We aim to make you a better planner and the Mindware planner pages are precisely the tools you need to succeed. Getting things done becomes a whole lot easier with the Mindware planner.

Q. What Does the Mindware Planner Offer That Other Planners Don’t?
A. 3 important things set us apart:

  • We include an advanced time & task management system designed for the busy professional. It is designed to encourage you to quickly cross tasks off your to-do list without overwhelm. It is updated continuously to stay at the forefront of productivity research and innovation.
  • The Mindware Planner is highly affordable for the value it delivers. Bundled with an e-course to help you build on your planning skills, along with 6 months of product support.
  • We trust our product and the value it has to offer. So, we back it up with a 100% moneyback guarantee.

Q. Who is the Planner For?
A. People who want to do more. These are enterprising entrepreneurs, driven managers, and other ambitious professionals who strive to infuse efficiency into their lives. With this planner, they can have their cake and eat it too.

Q. What If I Don’t Like the Planner?
A. The Mindware Planner is a product of our constant effort to create a superior planner for our customers. We have created a product bundle that offers better value than any other product available on the market. However, if you don’t feel that you got what you wanted, return it to us in good condition and we will give you a full refund.

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