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Infographic about planners and organizers and how they can help you better manage the busiest of lifestyles while reducing your personal stress and anxiety.

Planners and Organizers: Are They for You?

Do you ever feel like you’re juggling everything at work, trying to keep on top of things without making real progress? Between meetings, project deadlines, to-do lists, and emails, it can feel overwhelming. Planners and Organizers are the tools you need to conquer your workflow, get ahead of your colleagues, and maximize your success at work.

As a working professional or business owner, you take your work seriously. Your drive and ambition propel you to reach the next level in your career trajectory but with hundreds of tasks on your plate, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day tasks without seeing the big picture.

If this sounds all too familiar and you’re ready to put effective systems in place to help you get organized, strategic, and mindful of how you spend your time, planners and organizers are going to take you to the next level of success.

How Planners and Organizers Can Fast-Track Your Success

Below are four ways planners and organizers will help take your career or business to the next level.

Create a Schedule That Works for You

With dozens of emails to send, calls to take, and meetings to attend, it can feel like you simply don’t have enough time in your day. However, the real problem is the way you are allocating your time.

A study found that more than 90% of adult Americans spend 15 hours each month on Facebook. That’s 2 full workdays each month. What’s more, employees work on average a total of 3 minutes before switching to another task.

When you fail to properly manage your time and plan out your schedule, it’s easy to waste time and feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day.

The Mindware Agenda Planner includes a Daily Commitments Page. This allows you to fully plan out your entire day from 7am to Midnight. Not only can you schedule in important meetings, project deadlines, appointments, and uninterrupted work time, you can now schedule in your lunch hour, mid-morning breaks, and important family time. This will allow you to be more productive throughout your day and get more done than you ever thought possible.

Never Miss an Important Meeting Again

How many times have you forgotten about an important meeting, only to be
frantically trying to prepare at the last second? $37 billion is wasted annually on unproductive meetings due to people arriving late and unprepared.

With the Mindware Agenda Planner, you’ll never miss a meeting or appointment ever again. Unlike regular planners and organizers, the Mindware Agenda has a dedicated Future Meetings Page. This important page allows you to keep a record of all future meetings, appointments, and important dates. No matter how far into the future they are. When the week comes around for the meeting, you can transfer it to your weekly schedule. Knowing you’ve had weeks or months in advance to prepare.

Stop Relying on Post-it Notes and Useless Notebooks

When someone comes into your office with important information, do you quickly scribble it down on the nearest piece of paper, only to lose it almost immediately? Perhaps you take notes in meetings in notebooks, only to spend hours flipping through the pages searching for the piece of information you desperately need.

By effectively using planners and organizers, you won’t have to stress about losing important information again. The Mindware Agenda Planner comes with specially designed note pages for all your important notes. You can easily keep meeting notes, important facts and figures, and vital information from colleagues all in one place.

The truly innovative part of our brand of planners and organizers is the keyword and category tracking page. Here, you can keep your note-taking system organized by assigning different projects, meetings, and information keywords or categories. This allows you to easily flip to the right page to find that important note you made in a meeting two weeks ago without the stress or hassle.

Smash Your Goals and Project Deadlines

The most important step of excelling in your position and maximizing success is meeting your project deadlines and setting goals for yourself. However, when you don’t use planners and organizers, it’s easy to let important deadlines and projects slip by unnoticed until the final hour.

The Mindware Agenda Planner has a signature Frequent Activities and Habit
Tracking Page which allows you to set goals and project deadlines. It then has
columns allowing you to track progress throughout so you can see how the project is going.

By using this tracking system, you’ll easily meet important project deadlines with enough time to spare. What’s more, these tracking pages can also be used for personal goals and projects, such as tracking your diet or preparing for your next marathon.

Speed Up Your Career Trajectory

After a few months of using the Mindware Agenda Planner, your output will
significantly surpass that of your colleagues. Management and those above you will begin to see the progress you’re making and how organized you are in the office.

By using planners and organizers, you can easily speed up your career trajectory and put yourself on the path to promotion or business growth.
By tracking your progress, keeping a record of the things you’ve accomplished, and impressing your boss by shining in meetings, you will stand out as a clear candidate when it comes time for promotion or bonuses.

What’s more, you’ll become the reliable person colleagues turn to in the office for advice and fact-checking. By keeping a clear record of meeting minutes and projects, you can stand out while helping your team succeed.

Make the Most out of Planners and Organizers

Planners and Organizers are only as effective as you make them. Here are some tips for maximizing your success with the Mindware Agenda Planner.

Take it Wherever You Go

Planners and Organizers are only effective if you have them with you, whether you’re in your office or out with family. By getting into the habit of carrying it with you, you’ll be able to see your schedule, track important information, and be safe in the knowledge you haven’t forgotten anything important.

The Mindware Agenda Planner comes in a zipper-bound cover. Not only is the
stylish and professional for you to carry to work, it means it’s protected wherever you go. You can even carry your pen, credit card, ID, and other important personal items within the planner for added convenience.

Customize the System to Work for You

Everyone is different and what might work well to keep one person productive may not work for you. You might find it useful to check your planner once a day. Or you might be more comfortable checking it each hour. The important thing is to find an organizational system that works for you.

When you purchase the Mindware Agenda Planner, you receive a free
organizational and time management e-course. This includes six in-depth modules on organization and time management techniques to help you make the most of the planner. You’ll also get access to a community of like-minded individuals who can give you tips on different ways to use your planner in different settings. As well as 6 months of free email support should you have any questions along the way.

Never before have you been able to customize planners and organizers quite like this. It’s our mission to ensure you find the best system that allows you to maximize your potential. Now, you can reach the next level of success using the Mindware Agenda Planner.

If that’s not enough, the Mindware Agenda Planner also comes with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. We are so confident you will find this planner useful. If you don’t, you can return it for a full refund.

Get Started Today

Most planners and organizers on the market begin in January. So it's difficult to get started with a new planner or organizer until the New Year. Yet, this could mean months of wasted opportunity to make progress in your career or business.

Now, you can get started no matter what time of year it is. The Mindware Agenda Planner comes with 12 months of calendar inserts starting the month you order it. That means you can get started with this signature organizational system right away. Once you run out of inserts, simply remove the previous pages and insert fresh new calendar pages to keep your progress going. The planner has a stylish, modern ring-binder system. So you can easily switch out
pages or insert more as needed. This way, you can keep previous pages filed away for future reference.

Make the Most Out of Planners and Organizers

As you can see, every ambitious business owner or working professional can benefit from using an organizer. The Mindware Agenda Planner will help you boost productivity, manage your time more effectively, and smash your goals year after year.

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