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The Mindware agenda planner with five types of its insert pages. Included are the calendar page, the daily items listing page, the note page, the tracking sheet and the frequent activities and habit tracking page.
 Infographic camparing the top three professional comprehensive daily refillable planners.

Planner Notebook – Designed To Get You Organized!

Whatever you’re trying to achieve, whether it’s professional, educational or personal, you must manage your time effectively,consistently track progress,and record important information to be successful.

Careful planning to avoid disasters is important and a Planner Notebook is the tool you need to do this successfully. The Planner Notebook is not just another notebook you can purchase from a local stationery store. Instead, it’s a customised planner tool designed to make things easier. We understand your time is valuable and the Planner Notebook will save a lot of it.

The Planner Notebook is a time and task management tool designed to help you keep a note of important things like minutes of meetings, schedules, discussions,project deadlines, and more. It reminds you of future events while giving a quick glance at the details of past events.

This comprehensive planner is more flexible than online planning tools as you can include supporting diagrams and notes where needed.It comes with a premium quality paper that allows you to easily draw tables, processes, and record meeting minutes more easily.

Don’t try to keep track of it all in your head. The Planner Notebook will handle it all for you!

When you have a lot of things to do, discuss or share, you can’t take a chance by attempting to memorizing all important details. You can never be sure if you’ll remember important details at a particular time. A glance at your quick notes in the Planner Notebook saves the stress and pressure of memorizing. With this planner tool, you will be able to find the meeting and what was said in a matter of seconds.

If you’re still unsure about the Notebook Planner, here are five reasons to try it for yourself:

  • ● Success comes with a strategy. This notebook serves as your strategic partner, allowing you to stay organized when planning your days, weeks, and months, with room to add journal notes. You can easily manage your time according to importance of tasks so nothing important is ever missed again.
  • ● Bullet journaling is another important thing that you get with Notebook Planner. This line-based paper planner is specifically designed to allow you to use the bullet journaling method. Now, you can keep track of tasks as well as your schedule using shorthand.
  • ● When your boss or client comes to rely on you as a valued professional, it really is a great confidence boost. The Planner Notebook allows you to keep a record of all your important projects, boosting productivity and output.Your boss will certainly now look to you to handle the most sensitive commitments with ease.
  • ● With all previous meeting information available in a matter of seconds, you are sure to settle any arguments among colleagues using the Planner Notebook. This lets you find the meeting and check what was said or discussed during a particular meeting in seconds.
  • ● Planner Notebook is a customized option for professionals.You can change the numbers of pages to suit your schedule and workload. When you fill the notebook but still need to keep the important data stored in it, you can easily add more pages to it, making planning your busy life easier and more productive.

Ideal for Personal and Professional Environments

The Mindware Planner Notebook is not just an ideal choice for the office environment, but also for those who manage their work from home and for stay at home parents who manage the household.

It has been developed with extensive research over 25 years and comes with many features that you can’t find anywhere else, even in digital planners. The Mindware Planner Notebook is equipped with a time-tested system that allows professionals to track hundreds of tasks simultaneously using the specific key terms (phrases) without the stress.

You’ll be surprised to learn that even Sir Richard Branson and Warren Buffet use daily planners to manage their schedules and keep track of meetings and projects. Remember, planning is the key to success!

Here are a few features that make the Mindware Planner Notebook an ideal choice:

  • ● Item listing pages let you list and track events more effectively.
  • ● Category and keyword tracking pages place items into broader categories and identify keywords.
  • ● Daily commitment pages record meetings, events, and daily tasks.
  • ● Notes pages help store important information gathered during each day.
  • ● Frequent activity & habit tracking pages track personal growth and progress of goals.
  • ● Future meetings pages help you stay informed about upcoming events.
  • ● The zipped cover protects your notebook from any kind of damage.
  • ● The external pocket allows you to store small items in the Planner Notebook.

Being efficient and organized is crucial for professional and personal life. You want to be on time for everything and remember important details that matter to you or a particular project. It’s all possible with Mindware Agenda Planner that is customized and designed for the modern person to stay organized stress-free.

With this Planner Notebook, you get so much more than just a notebook. When you order Mindware Agenda Planner, you also receive six months of free email support where you can resolve your concerns and questions regarding the usage of the system. What’s more, you get a time management e-course to manage your time better as well as eBook access and more.

When you order your Mindware planner, we offer you the pages required for one year. If required, the notebook pages can be added or removed. This gives you the flexibility to keep track of many years using the same notebook.Instead of having to waste a portion of your yearly pages, you can simply remove them and store them safely for future reference.

Learn more about the Mindware Agenda Planner on the home page.

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