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Inforgraphic about the top 4 things to know about personal planners


If you’re looking for a personal planner, there are four main factors to consider. We’ll cover each of these here.

Structured & Unstructured Personal Planners

  • • The most customizable type of personal planner is an unstructured one because you can design its pages any way you want; its drawback is the maintenance and time needed to create designs on an on-going basis.
  • • Structured personal planners take away the need for design & on-going maintenance, saving time and energy.

Cosmetic style or Customized System

  • • There are many planners under the category of ‘simple’ planners, usually in the price range of $30-$60. These can be found with themes from motivational to mindset and more. They are usually in the weekly format of two-pages-per-week.
  • • Comprehensive planners are made for professional settings and have customizable systems. The Mindware™ system is designed to provide easy recording and tracking of all your events as well as show you how to design the best system that works for you. The 100% money back guarantee is a great plus.


  • • There are two types of personal planners; simple and comprehensive.
  • • Simple planners have two formats; structured and unstructured
  • • The choice of personal planner depends on how much time you are willing to dedicate to maintaining your planner, the setting that you will be presenting the planner in and finally how busy your lifestyle is.
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