Picture of a closed Mindware agenda planner
Picture of an opened Mindware agenda planner
Infographic describing the different types of planners and the considerations required to choose the right one for you.


There are many that will swear by their digital devices and dismiss the idea of writing things down with a pen and paper. Paper planners have so many benefits for you and I that they are hard to dismiss. The Mindware Agenda Planner is a paper planner with refillable pages and includes an on-line e-course to ensure that you obtain all of its benefits. The 100% satisfaction guarantee is the confidence we have in the system. The following are the top five reasons we know that our choice of a paper planner is the right one:

Retention of writing

Writing is much more engaging then typing, as typing is more automatic of a process and therefore you will not remember as much. You will have a greater chance of remembering an appointment written by hand then if you wrote it in a digital format. That’s just the way human beings are hardwired.

One location and all integration

Many apps are useful and usually are very specialized in what they can do. You might have one app for notes and another for appointments, and more. Moving and bouncing from one program to another can be daunting while you are trying to keep track of your busy day. However, with a paper planner such as the Mindware Agenda Planner it is easy as it was designed to keep everything including the integration of your physical and electronic files together so as to reduce your stress and just focus on getting things done.

Goal tracking

The Mindware Agenda Planner system allows you to self-assess your progress towards your goals. Its not enough to have goals, as we know that what we measure will keep our focus, and without focus our goals can never be realized. Success starts by having one or more goals, but to complete it, you must measure. The satisfaction of slowly seeing your goals being realized provides motivation to keep moving forward, and that is the power of a great agenda planner.

Satisfaction of crossing off completed tasks

You may have a long-term goal, but it is accomplished with many sometimes thousands of micro-objectives that eventually lead to your long-term goal. Crossing off completed daily tasks provides that energy, motivation and confidence that you are well on your way. Your to-do list is no longer just a bunch of tasks to complete but a vehicle of satisfaction as you move forward in your career, profession, business, personal, or combination thereof.

No distractions

Opening up apps nowadays is a little dangerous with all their distractions and pop-ups. Even when you’re on an app that you have paid for in order to not have any advertisements, your phone, tablet or computer will have notifications of incoming emails, social media alerts and other such distractions. These distractions are more than a nuisance as they often take your concentration away from what you are intending on doing. A Stanford University Study showed that it takes up to 15 minutes for a person to get back to the productive state know as ‘flow’ once interrupted. Paper has no such dangers and allows your focused attention to continue for a better and a more productive day.

An amazing paper planner system such as the Mindware™ Planner Agenda system provides you with goals clarity, a continuous method of tracking your progress and will assist you with a more efficient and productive day. Learn more about the benefits that the Mindware Agenda Planner provides by clicking and going now to our homepage.

  • Picture of a daily commitments page belonging to the Mindware Agenda Planner
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