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Picture of an opened Mindware agenda planner
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Habit Tracker Pages Methodology

For those of us who value personal self-improvement there is no better tracking system then the Habit Tracker pages. The Mindware Agenda Planner has these types of pages as part of its comprehensive time and task management system. One of six types of pages, the habit tracker is used to track frequent activities and habits in order to ensure that the user does not mishandle or forget the many things in their busy life. But its more than a simple to-do list, it’s motivational element cannot and should not be understated.

• Motivation continues through Chain of Events

One of the reasons why the Habit Tracker system is so powerful is because of our own engagement with these types of pages. When we start an event to track and improve upon we are engaging with that sheet of paper, and this engagement leads to a chain of events that we don’t want to break. We get satisfaction from looking at our progress and a feeling of greater self-worth encompasses us. An increased self-worth and actual improvement towards a better self has profound implications not only to us, but those around us.

• More then just for personal improvement

Although this type of page is most acquainted with self-improvement, it certainly can be used for professional purposes. Any frequent activity can be tracked with this sheet including frequent and regular meetings, inspections, discussions, phone calls, and more. If its frequent than the sheet can be used as an index sheet and any notes from such activities can be written on dated note pages.

• Top Twenty Personal & Professional things to track on the Habit Tracker

There are many activities that this sheet can be used for self-improvement& more, including:

1. Exercise
2. Diet
3. Time wasters such as TV
4. Smoking cessation
5. Reading
6. Visits to family
7. Phone calls to family
8. Groceries/shopping (regular activity)
9. Dry Cleaning (pick-ups/drop offs)
10. Educational classes
11. Food Take-out
12. Money Savings
13. Video Gaming participation
14. Entertainment & expenses
15. Home cleaning
16. Frequent scheduled meetings
17. Inspections
18. Individual Discussions
19. Project updates
20. Process updates & results

• The Habit Tracker Methodology within the Mindware Agenda Planner

The Mindware Agenda Planner uses the habit tracker as a supporting index sheet. Numbers are placed in the category column and a one or two word (acronym if applicable) is also placed in the detail’s column for easy identification. There are 31 columns for each day of the month and the last column on the page is usually used as a legend for symbols being used on the sheet.

The numbered columns can be filled with numbers, letters, symbols and shapes. They all create an easy to identify method as to what has happened to the activity being tracked. Should notes be required for activities being tracked in your habit tracker than use your note pages for that date and record what you want to remember. A symbol is usually used on the date column square to identify that a note was written on the date page for the topic.


The habit tracker sheet is a useful tool that can be used for professional and personal activities. It can also be used as a supporting index page that can provide an easy reference to notes belonging to the activities being tracked on this type of sheet. With a little imagination, even small projects of 20 or less activities can easy be tracked on the habit tracker. This tool has been used by many and can be used by you to achieve the results you want for your life.

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