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5 Questions to Ask Yourself
infographic of the top five considerations for a daily planner.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Daily Planner

Plan Your Day, Change Your Life: Find Your Ideal Daily Planner by Answering These 5 Questions

With daily planners offering so many benefits for today’s busy professionals, it’s no wonder several of the world’s most respected business leaders are known to use them. Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Michelle Obama are just a few of the hyper-productive individuals who set a detailed plan for each day to improve their focus, creativity and overall success. 

Driven people around the world are seeking to leverage the power of daily planning, but selecting the right product is not as simple as it may seem. Though they serve the same core purpose, daily planners come in a number of varieties and cater to very different needs. A planner that keeps one person’s day running smoothly may be unable to manage yours… so it’s well worth taking the time to identify the features that best support what you want to accomplish. 

With an understanding of what to look for in a daily planner, you’ll be able to make this personal decision with confidence. In this article, we’ll shed light on what really matters when it comes to selecting your planner—and what has made Mindware the tool of choice for thousands of top-achieving professionals.

The 5 Most Important Factors to Consider in Choosing a Daily Planner

Excited to hit the ground running with a new daily planner? Great! But before you buy, make sure you understand the main types of options available to you—and just as importantly, how each one addresses (or does not address) your specific objectives. By asking yourself the five questions below, you’ll be able to hone in on a planner that will help you get more done every day.

  • 1. Paper or Electronic: Which is the right format for you?

The first factor to consider in your search is whether an electronic or paper planner will best support your day-to-day needs. With more and more of today’s work happening online, and an ever-growing range of high-tech scheduling tools promising next-level results, many consumers have been defaulting to electronic options over the past decade. However, paper planners are seeing a resurgence among success-oriented individuals for several compelling reasons:

  • Paper Planners Improve Retention: If your objectives include boosting your mental recall, a paper planner will give you a distinct edge. Studies indicate that writing information down by hand increases retention levels, enabling you to better remember upcoming commitments and what you need to do to prepare for them. 
  • Hassle-Free Documentation: Eliminating the need to charge a battery or find an internet connection, a paper planner makes it easy to jot down reminders wherever you are. As Richard Branson once shared, “My secret ‘life hack’ has been to write it down! I can’t tell you where I’d be if I hadn’t had a pen on hand to write down my ideas as soon as they came to me.”
  • All Your Plans in One Place: When relying on electronic options, users often find themselves needing to frequently switch between multiple tools: one platform for meetings, one for notes, one for personal commitments, and so on. A paper planner, in contrast, stores all your important information in a single, easily accessible place.

The Mindware Daily Planner is a fit for you if…

You are seeking a consolidated planning solution you can use with ease any time, anywhere. The Mindware Daily Planner is designed to maximize each of the above benefits of pen-and-paper planning, while also offering the broad capabilities of popular electronic options.

  • 2. Personal or Professional: Are you seeking greater productivity at work, in your personal life or both?

The nature of what you are seeking to organize will determine which features you should look for in a daily planner. As we’ll discuss below, a simple and unstructured format can be effective, low-cost option for many types of personal and even professional planning. However, the schedules of business owners, entrepreneurs and others with a mountain of sensitive tasks to manage on a daily basis demand a more strategic approach. 

If this lightning-fast pace sounds familiar to you, make sure to choose a daily planner like Mindware’s that is specifically designed for complex professional needs. (We’ll explain more about what this looks like in the next section).

At the next level is a daily planner that supports your goals both in and outside of work. At Mindware, we believe that even the busiest professionals shouldn’t have to choose between an exclusively professional or personal planner; after all, these two parts of life are deeply interconnected when it comes to achieving greater success and wellbeing.

The Mindware Daily Planner is a fit for you if…

You need to manage packed days, complex tasks and high-stakes deadlines—all while maintaining a fulfilling work-life balance. Designed for individuals on the busiest end of the professional spectrum, our planner integrates work and personal scheduling in a holistic manner.

  • 3. Choosing the Right Style: What combination of features best fits your needs?

Having decided whether a paper or electronic and professional or personal planner is right for you, you’re ready to move into the nitty-gritty of what makes each product unique. Understanding the main categories of daily planners will help you find your own recipe for success:

  • Unstructured vs. Structured: Because their pages are undated or even blank, daily planners with unstructured formats are ideal for those who want to design their schedules any way they want. A structured format like Mindware’s, on the other hand, provides a ready-made framework to streamline your scheduling.
  • Simple vs. Comprehensive: Deciding between these two types of planners comes down to the volume and complexity of your daily tasks. Simple planners provide space for a just few appointments a day, while comprehensive formats provide significantly more time slots and a more detailed breakdown.

If you regularly need to manage a tightly packed schedule, a structured and comprehensive format will significantly improve the impact of your daily planner. The Mindware Daily planner is meticulously designed with both qualities in mind, and takes their advantages even further by:

  • Maximizing the proven benefits of timeboxing by breaking the day into 30-minute increments in which you can focus on one task at a time.
  • Accommodating early mornings, late nights and cross-time-zone collaboration by providing scheduling space from 7:00 a.m. to midnight.
  • Providing a refillable format so you can continue adding as many appointments and accompanying notes as you need.

The Mindware daily planner is right for you if…

The nature of your schedule calls for a high level of detail, space and flexibility. The Mindware Daily Planner embodies the benefits of structured and comprehensive formats while adding our own signature productivity-boosting features.

4. Price Point: What do you really need to pay for your ideal planner?

Generally, the more detailed and sophisticated the planner, the more it will cost: simple daily planners usually range between $30 and $50, while comprehensive ones tend to be between $80 and $175 (plus between $40 and $60 for yearly inserts). If your planning needs align with those we’ve been focused on in this article, a high-quality professional planner is worth the investment. This is especially with a product like Mindware’s that seeks new opportunities to create value.

Mindware is the only daily planner on the market whose price includes access to in-depth coaching on an entire organizational system. Our e-course and hands-on support give you not just a planner, but also a clear roadmap to success.

The Mindware daily planner is right for you if…

You understand the value of a planner that’s tailored to your lifestyle, but only want to pay for what you truly need. Designed to accomplish as much as possible with your time and resources, Mindware is committed to ensuring an exceptional return on your investment.

5. The Big Picture: What are the primary benefits I am seeking?

At this point, you are armed with the knowledge you need to zero in on the most fitting type of daily planner for your needs. Even once you’ve created your wish list of features, however, you still have a number of options to choose from. Ultimately, the choice comes down to whether the planner resonates with you as an individual—how it complements your strengths, motivates you toward your goals, and fits into your existing systems.

Despite how much you read about different daily planners, you can only confirm the right match through firsthand experience. That’s why Mindware offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee; we are so confident in our daily planner’s effectiveness for professionals like you that we’ll happily refund you if it doesn’t prove to be your best planner ever.

Is the Mindware Daily Planner Your Perfect Match? There’s Only One Way to Find Out.

If you’re ready to improve your productivity and quality of life by using a daily planner, we’re ready to help you do it. Whether it’s Mindware or another option, our knowledgeable and friendly team would love to help you find the right planning solution.


  • Daily planners come in a number of different formats and styles, each of which support different types of scheduling needs.
  • In most cases, fast-paced professionals should choose a paper planner with a comprehensive and structured format.
  • The Mindware Daily Planner is specifically engineered for individuals seeking a highly advanced yet easy-to-use system for making the most of each day.
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