The Mindware agenda planner with five types of its insert pages. Included are the calendar page, the daily items listing page, the note page, the tracking sheet and the frequent activities and habit tracking page.
 Infographic camparing the top three professional comprehensive daily refillable planners.

Calendar Notebook

Premium calendar notebook to manage your schedule, plan tasks and keep information organized!

Say goodbye to complexity and hello to simplicity with the premium daily planner – the Mindware agenda .

The Mindware Planner (sometimes referred to as a Calendar Notebook) is designed to effortlessly organize and plan your day. This next-level planning system will organize and manage your meetings, agendas, appointments, tasks, and more.

The Mindware Agenda Planner is an ideal choice for business use (all sizes). It can easily replace or complement your business’ current daily planning system to help boost productivity and increase output.

Ready to Get Really Productive? Here’s How the Calendar Notebook Helps!

As a creative person, working on multiple projects simultaneously with different deadlines and a lot of data to track is the norm. As such, you need much more than a conventional planner can offer. The Mindware Agenda Planner makes things easier with a snap. This Calendar Notebook gives you clarity on your objectives at any given time. The Mindware agenda Planner is designed to help you turn a chaotic, messy schedule into an effective, efficient, professional agenda.

The Calendar Notebook is a user-friendly daily task organizer that is designed to let you make the most of your creativity. Unlike other organizers and calendars that are too structured and complex to handle, it doesn’t lock you into a set format. The Mindware Agenda Planner gives you the flexibility needed to manage your daily tasks and to-do things the way you want.

The Mindware Agenda Planner comes with a unique and simplified task-management format so you  can take advantage of the ‘Mindware Moments’ in every deal, project, and meeting. No need to keep writing multiple emails just to keep things memorized – you’ll have all the details available right at your fingertips in seconds.

It comes with multiple pages with different kinds of formatting to store all the data in your desired format for quick access to crucial details. With a printed index on your calendar notebook, you’ll never have to write your own page numbers again. Just look up the page number/date and you’ll get what you discussed in a meeting quickly and hassle-free.

This Calendar Notebook is not just a premium daily organizer, but a professional tool that is also environmentally conscious. It’s made using organic and fine grain paper that allows you to use all sorts of mediums and is safe from degradation.

You’ll be the most sought-after team member every colleague relies on for quick access to details discussed during meetings or other important information regarding a particular project.

The Mindware Planner is the perfect partner to keep track of everything you need for professional and personal growth.

Seven reasons why you need a Calendar Notebook:

  • • Allows you to keep a record of all crucial details, information, and discussions regarding products or meetings with a systemized approach using the customized format of the Mindware Planner.
  • • It includes multiple task management pages made using premium quality material to manage tasks stress-free.
  • • Get a free e-learning course with every Mindware Agenda Planner to move through at your own pace and make the most of your time and task management skills.
  • •The Calendar Notebook is easily customizable to be a unique tool that works for you, the way you want it to.
  • •The multi-page daily task manager lets you go beyond the traditional task management notebooks and online tools, setting you apart from the crowd.
  • •The cover has a hidden pocket that is perfect for storing your pen, ATM card, ID, post-it notes, or anything else.
  • •The zip-lock technology ensures all your data and documents are secure. It also ensures privacy with no chance of others getting a sneak peek.

A Wide Range of Mindware Planner Pages

The Mindware Agenda Planner is a fully customized daily planner that is designed to help organize your daily routine, meetings, tasks, and more. It includes a variety of pages specifically designed to help you reach a higher level of productivity using a tested systematic approach.

Item Listing Pages

When it comes to keeping a record of all the details about important projects, events, tasks, meetings and more, the Mindware Agenda Planner makes things easy with ‘Item Listing Pages’. Quickly get access to the details or information you need immediately and easily.

Category & Keyword Tracking Page

The Keyword Tracking Pages are customized to keep track of broader categories or specific key phrases (keywords) that may be useful for multiple projects or tasks. It will put an end to flipping through endless pages just to find a small detail about a particular project or meeting. With keyword tracking pages in the Calendar Notebook, you can use your keyword system and find anything you need effortlessly.

Daily Commitments Page

This allows you to keep some space secured for upcoming meetings or agendas that may require note-taking. With the daily commitments pages, you can keep a record of upcoming events from 7am to midnight.

Frequent Activity & Habit Tracking Page

Reduce bad habits with a systematic approach using the specifically customized page. This is designed to help keep track of your professional activities like meetings, but it also serves as your personal mentor to help you track your personal growth and monitor development. Planning to quit smoking or want to focus more on studies? This page will be your personal coach.

Future Meetings Page

Stay informed and up-to-date on upcoming business meetings, commitments, project deadlines, etc. With the Mindware Agenda Planner, you can start with three to six months of future meeting pages at one time. Once you run out of pages, you can easily migrate the information to additional pages that can be added to your planner. The Mindware Agenda Planner also lets you keep a record of all future meetings on a single page, minimizing stress and the chances of missing an important date.

To make the most of your time and stay on top of important tasks, a systematic approach is key. The Mindware Agenda Planner offers an easy-to-use systematic approach that boosts productivity, reduces stress, and improves time management to help you excel in life.

Buy your Mindware Agenda Planner now and receive free e-mail support for six months. Go to our homepage to discover more details and benefits it can offer you.

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