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Make the most of every day with Mindware—the pioneering, all-in-one task management system designed around you.

In a business climate where over 90% of professionals experience stress at work—and with a third of those reporting “unsustainably high” stress levels—there is a clear need for new and better organizational tools. The anxiety caused by work overload not only decreases productivity by 68 percent; it also has negative impacts on your health, personal relationships and more.

Enter Mindware: the most advanced time and task management system on the market, and one designed specifically for today’s most ambitious professionals. Business owners, managers and others with busy schedules and big goals use the Mindware planner to boost their productivity both in and outside of work—and in just a few steps, you can join the movement, too.

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In a sea of outdated, one-size-fits-all planners, Mindware stands miles apart. Like the top-performing professionals we serve, we understand that today’s challenges require fresh solutions—and we’re proud to break the mold with our innovative and continually updated system.

• With Mindware, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain a holistic system for improved organization. Unlike any other planner company, Mindware provides you with not only a planner but a full, research-based system for taking your success to the next level. Included in the price of our planner is a signature e-course and hands-on support to ensure maximum impact.
  • Stay focused amid life’s many distractions. Between meetings, electronic alerts and unexpected fires to put out, the average professional only has 11 minutes between each interruption. With Mindware, you’ll be able to block out dedicated periods of time to focus on one task at a time, helping you stay focused on what really matters.
  • Consolidate all your planning needs into one place. The Mindware planner is engineered to accommodate the busiest schedules, the highest level of detail and a wide range of tasks. Our planner’s comprehensive and refillable format gives you virtually unlimited space to record, manage and track everything you need—all in one stylish, durable notebook.


  • Hone into your own definition of productivity. Our system honors your individuality and the fact that all our users’ tasks, work styles and personal priorities are unique. That’s why our planner supports you in developing a customized system that fits sustainably into your life—empowering you to achieve your goals one step at a time.
  • Utilize specialized pages that no other planner offers. Through extensive research—and listening to our inspiring users—we’ve developed six groundbreaking page types to target your needs. From recording meetings far into the future to helping you build more positive habits, these pages add up to a time management experience like no other. (Learn more about our specialty pages here).
  • Count on full satisfaction and industry-leading support. The Mindware team is committed to maximizing your peace of mind and return on investment every step of the way. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and robust customer support, you’re sure to feel confident in your purchase for years to come.

Seize Your Mindware Moment

Our careers are defined by what we call Mindware Moments: the frequent instances where using the Mindware system and planner places you in a different light among colleagues, customers and others.

For instance, when a disagreement about what was said during a past meeting stalls your team’s progress, you can use your Mindware planner to locate the information within seconds. When management is choosing who to trust with an important project, you’ll rise to the top of the list because Mindware allows you to handle hundreds of sensitive commitments with ease.

Mindware users are often asked how they are able to accomplish so much more with reduced stress—and time and time again, they cite our planner and system as their secret weapon.

The next step of your productivity journey begins here. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team to find out more about how we can help you can achieve your own Mindware Moments.


1. What makes Mindware the best planner for today’s busy professionals?

Three main qualities make Mindware an exceptional fit for professionals like you. First, we offer the unparalleled value of both a planner and an e-course on an accompanying task management system. Second, Mindware is the most improved planner on the market, far outpacing competitors who have not updated their approaches in decades. Lastly, our 100% Money Back Guarantee provides exceptional confidence in your purchase.

2. Will your planner help me become more productive?

Absolutely: our system allows people to hone into their own definition of productivity, enabling them to prioritize and systematically tackle their important tasks and commitments. Without being side-tracked by life’s frequent distractions and noise, you’ll not only get more done, faster; you’ll also feel better doing it. Our signature e-course will guide you through the process of creating a clear path to success and the accompanying planner will make it a reality.

3. Will your planner improve my quality of life?

Because the Mindware agenda will help you become more focused and productive—and alleviate unneeded stress about forgotten or incomplete tasks—you’ll be able to be fully present in each moment. With less anxiety surrounding your scheduling and commitments, you can achieve the work-life balance that best supports your wellbeing, personal relationships and more.

4. What is it like to work with you?

Our core commitment is to provide you with an exceptional experience and ensure your complete satisfaction. We accomplish this by offering not only an in-depth e-course but also virtual Q&A sessions and six months of dedicated email support. Our 100% money-back guarantee is a reflection of our passion for our product—and most importantly, for helping you succeed.

5. Who uses your products?

Mindware’s customers are success-oriented professionals who have many complex tasks to manage at a time—and who continually strive toward greater productivity. They include business owners, managers, entrepreneurs and other individuals who want to feel confident that all their tasks and commitments are being managed properly.

6. What are your company values?

Mindware’s values center on providing the industry’s best experience and service to each and every customer. We are a deeply customer-centric company, and will continue to listen to user feedback to make our system even better. We believe that our customers are representatives of our system, and their faith in us is truly matched by our commitment to them.

7. What is the fine print on this purchase?

Following your purchase, you will have access to the e-course and its materials for six months should you want to refer to it at any time. As a Mindware member, you will also receive six months of dedicated email support. Should you feel that Mindware doesn’t meet your expectations as the best time and task management system in the market, simply return the planner agenda in resalable condition and we will provide a 100% refund of the purchase price.

8. How does it work?

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with your login credentials. Go to the “members login” page on the website and enter the learning portal to start reviewing the e-book and its corresponding e-course at your own pace. The agenda planner will be shipped to you within 24 hours of your purchase. Most people finish the course within 10 days, and it is at about this point that you will receive your planner agenda. Once you receive the planner, you will be ready to start deploying our system right away.

9. What size and style is the planner?

The Mindware planner is an A5 size agenda, which makes it easy to carry virtually anywhere. It comes with one year of insert pages and is a six-ring refillable planner designed to last you many years. A stylish brown color, the planner contains six types of pages, some of which you will not find in any other type of planner.

10. How quickly can I get started?

We’re as excited as you are to launch your Mindware journey. You can start the Mindware e-course immediately after your purchase. This way, by the time your Mindware planner arrives, you’ll be ready to start employing all you’ve learned. The planner also comes with page inserts that begin from the purchase date—meaning you don’t have to wait until the beginning of the year to start using it. You will also receive a full year of page inserts regardless of when you order the planner, which is unique in the industry.


Each page of the Mindware planner was designed to help you reach a higher productivity level.
Picture of the action Item Listing page inside the Mindware agenda planner


This page allows you to list and track events, projects, tasks and more. It also allows you to quickly find items that need your attention immediately and monitor those which can wait.

Picture of the category and keyword tracking page inside the Mindware agenda planner


This page allows you to place items into broader categories and identify keywords that run across many items. There’s no need to flip through endless pages trying to find something you know you wrote, you can use your category and keyword system to find everything with ease.

Picture of the daily commitments page inside the Mindware agenda planner


The daily commitments page is for recording meetings, events and daily tasks that need to progress forward. Your new planner has a full appointment schedule from 7am to midnight, allowing you to fit everything in.

Picture of the notes page inside the Mindware agenda planner


The notes page provides the needed space to document important information gathered during each day. On those days where you need more space, simply open up the rings and insert another note page to continue writing.

Picture of the frequent activity and habit tracking page inside the Mindware agenda planner


This page is designed to help you stick to your goals and form lasting habits. It can also be used for tracking frequent work activities such as discussions, inspections, reviews, meetings and more. As well as work activities, it can be used to track personal growth and development. For example, diet, smoking cessation, studies, projects, or simply reminding you to drop off and pick-up your dry cleaning.

Picture of the future meetings page inside the Mindware agenda planner


The future meetings page is designed to record future commitments, appointments or events. You’ll likely start with three to six months of pages at one time in your planner, so this page allows you to record meetings and events that go beyond these pages. You can then migrate the information when the future pages are placed in the planner. Never again will you miss an important event or meeting, no matter how far in the future it currently is.

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